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And now for tonight´s Alterego News

Good Evening!

For today´s celebration of the first month of the Alterego blog network (founded by this humble writer), the Brazilian Ministry of Education passed a law that makes philosophy mandatory in the high school curriculum across the whole country.

For more details about this initiative aiming at promoting philosophy and sociology as “necessary for fully exercising one´s citizenship”, go straight to the source:

Our competitor´s afternoon news today even mentioned extending philosophy to primary schools, but to this moment this information has not been officially confirmed by our team.

Should you come across any information regarding this issue, we kindly ask you to contact our news staff.

For those who do not know, trustworthy sources have mentioned the following possibility. In exchange for her year´s research assistantship, this writer/reporter/philosopher-in-residence would work with high schools and high school graduates in order to put together a well-supported argument defending the importance of making pre-college philosophy more widespread.

And you who read our minisseries “About a Little Black Country Girl” thought that in educational matters Brazil was the backwardest country in the world, huh? But here and there Brazil has a lot to be proud of in this field of education (cf. Paulo Freire, Nísia Floresta and Monteiro Lobato, to name a few). It just doesn´t get the right kind of advertising too often. That´s what we´re here for.

For tonight this is all, folks. Good evening, and thank you for your support throughout all these 31 days!


One response to “Esterical News

  1. Great reading Ester. Keep them coming.
    Alex says hi

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