Re-opening the Discussion (Part 2 of 5)

Chico said…
Philosophy for me at Cor Jesu middle school was to listen to Legião Urbana´s music: “You say your parents don´t undertand you, but you don´t understand your parents…” Isn´t this beautiful? Yeah. Cool, very cool.

Then we had math class, recess, Portuguese, Science, and bus back home. In the half hour I´d spend on the bus I would learn more than in the five classes that day.

LM disse…
Ok, Ester – I accept your invitation to bring the discussion here.

First of all, I read the document you refer to, and what it says is not that philosophy (and sociology, but I don´t care a bit for this one) is necessary for actively exercising one´s citizenship, but that students should have knowledge of philosophy necessary for the active exercise of one´s citizenship.

The policy seems to commit itself to the modest thesis that *a part* of philosophy is necessary for one´s active exercise of their citizenship, while you make it seem (even if you didn´t take it this way) that *the whole* of philosophy would be necessary for the active exercise of one´s citizenship.

The problem is how we find out *which* part they are talking about. The report doesn´t say, and judging by it, neither does the policy.

And I have no idea what this part is – I´ve been studying philosophy for a while, and I don´t think that today I exercise my citizenship better than before. As a matter of fact, I have no idea what it means to exercise my citizenship!

In the end, I agree with your brother Chico – I don´t see any reason to get optimistic…


End of part 2

translators´s note: I´m not 100% sure that active exercise of one´s citizenship is the right expression in English. Any notes on this would be much appreciated.


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