Simple is too complicated

This week I really really wanted to stop a bit and just enjoy time with my friends. Something simple, nothing fancy. Sit down, listen to music, have a bit of homy food, pão de queijo, brigadeiro. Something that is festive but in an ordinary way. Something spontaneous.

But spontaneous doesn’t work this way: you can’t plan it. And simple these days is just too complicated, in so many levels. It’s not simple to find time to sit down, to find the stuff to make pão de queijo, to explain a brigadeiro, to explain what counts as simple, and why.

I think that one of the hardest things of living abroad is to have to come to terms that your familiar and simple is now fancy and exotic. And what counts as plain and simple is neither plain, simple or straightforward to you at all. And spontaneous sometimes takes just too much effort.

This week’s resolution: to plan less.
(If the plan is not to have a plan, does it count as a plan? It should, it’s a lot of work.)


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