Mid-April Resolutions

1. To stop reading, until I’ve finished my dissertation. I’ve read more than I can fit into it already.

2. To sit down to write a single sentence, instead of waiting for the whole page to materialise at once. Or the whole dissertation.

3. To think at least 5 impossible thoughts before breakfast.

4. To write at least one of these down. Preferably in fiction mode. But maybe also dissertation mode.

5. To stop complaining, unless it is in writing. Preferably in fiction mode. Or poetry.

6. To go to the gym before going to school. No excuses.

7. To stop overanalysing everything, unless it is in writing.

8. To practice talking once in a while, but not about the things I have, am or will commit to writing.

9. To be less economical with my camera. Lower the bar about what the photographic worth of things.

10. To be less economical period. Especially with smiles. There are more where these come from.


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