Esterical Blogversary

It’s been a year today. A full year. It was a day like this when it all started. Only I was in Brazil, not in Canada. And it was winter, not summer. Well, now that I think about it, the day wasn’t really that much like today, as far as days go. But that it was July 3rd, that it was.

Since then, it’s been 40 Esterical posts in English (47 in Portuguese). The internexa side of the blog has been honoured with 1,906 page views, mainly from our captive audience at U of T and McGill University, but also from places as far as Sweden, India and New Zealand. (Interplexa, the Brazilian counterpart, has in the meantime received more than twice the number of views, no idea why…).

To celebrate a year of such esterical posts (and because I’m super busy today to write anything decent), I leave you with three highlights:

1) Mutatis Mutandi, posted 21st July 2006:

2)My Place is a Place which is Mine, posted 5th January 2007:

3) Bachelor Life, posted 29th May 2007:

(the criterion was chronology more than any thing else: it would have been an impossible selection for me to make otherwise, these texts are all so… Esterical each in their own way…):

So here’s to many happy returns: to me, to you, and to the Muses. Cheers!


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