Miraculous Flourishing

A few weeks ago I posted a story — or rather, a confession — about a plant I am trying to baby-sit (and not kill). I am pleased to report that the plant is still alive. Not only that, it is actually flourishing! That’s right: to my surprise, I walked in this morning to find that during the weekend the plant had produced dozens of baby-leaves! I had never seen more than three or four at a time before!

Let’s look at the facts:

Fact #1: I water “my” plant every Monday, emptying half of the contents of a 250ml Tim Hortons plastic water bottle. Until last Monday, these contents consisted simply of 100% plain tap water.

Fact #2: When the plant was on the verge of dying, a few friends recommended I gave her some plant fertilizer. But I didn’t really know where to go buy it, and while I searched, the plant miraculously stopped dying, which made the fertilizer less of an emergency.

Fact #3: Then a week ago last Friday, I passed by a flower shop, and decided to ask them if they had something general enough and (crucial pre-requisite) easy to apply. After asking all sorts of questions about the plant, the guy sold me a little bottle whose label said: “Liquid Plant Food – 7 drops per liter of water: everytime you water, everything will grow.” Just what I needed, I thought. Despite of all my urban skepticism, for the bargain price of $6.99 I bought 118ml of this fantastic elixir, and went home.

Fact #4: 7 divided by 2 equals 3.5. The capacity of my plastic bottle, as I said, is 250ml, which is a quarter of a litre. Hence I neded to divide 3.5 by 2 again how many drops to drop into the Tim Hortons bottle. My skills in basic arithmetic quickly gave me the desired answer: 1.75 drops per TH plastic water bottle. My philosophical accounting skills reasoned that that would be approximately one large drop and one smaller drop. So off goes big drop and little drop into bottle.

Fact #5: Then, exactly a week ago, I meticulously poured half of the concoction obtained through the procedure described at #4 above, and saved the rest for today.

Fact #6: And the rest of the story you know: I walk into my office this morning to find dozens of baby leaves! Without having to handle any smelly manure. Urban skepticism has been completly uprooted!

Conclusion: I’ll never again roll my eyes when I hear a farmer or a gardener go into raptures about their greens. I’ll just tell stories about my own babies too, with pictures and all. Aren’t they adorable?

Picture 1: The exilir and the TH bottle. This picture could well pass for an ad for the concoction, no?
(NB: Notice the cheeky branch with three baby leafs sneaking into the foreground.)

Picture 2: Said sneaky branch up close. Can you see the three little leafs?

Picture 3: Baby close-up: cute, no?
(Disclaimer: no baby-leafs were hurt or suffocated in the process of taking this photograph.)

Picture 4: And there’s tons of them in every single branch! Ester so proud!


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