Spring in Brasília

As some of you know, I am spending this autumn in Brasília. Only it’s not autumn here, but spring. As the equinox is this weekend, it seems an appropriate time to write a report of my new daily routine.

I wake up in the morning, and look through my window:

After a hearty breakfast, I drive to the university library:

I park a block away. As I walk alone I wonder
what my day will bring me:

I work in the library all morning:

At lunchtime I drive back home:

Our parish’s little library is open every afternoon. That’s where I go after lunch:

Day and winter come to an end in the capital of Brazil.

The end.


2 responses to “Spring in Brasília

  1. ha! you converted! I knew it was all a matter of time… but if your intention is to post more pics I’d suggest browsing through the templates for one that allows for wider pictures… as it is, the new look is neat but restricts the sizes of the images you want to post since it’s not very wide…

    Just a suggestion!

    PS: tip on videos:
    all you have to do is type:
    replacing the url for the one you want…


  2. Cara Alexandra,

    Thanks for the tips. You’re right that this template isn’t the best for pictures: but I fell in love with it so badly that I forgot all about my original motivation…. But I have notices that it has chopped some of my pictures a little, (and some a lot), but I’m working on resizing the pictures so that they all fit. It has been a great learning experience for me: thanks for the inspiration!


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