New Routine, New Blog


To mark a new stage in my esterical life, I decided today to start a new blog or two. Their titles are much more self-explanatory than the super-cool internexa and interplexa: is the new internexa. All my posts written in English, old and new, are stored there., in turn, is my new blog in Portuguese. It contains all of interplexa´s old posts, and so much more.

Simple, isn´t it? I thought it was super-simple.

“But Ester, why have you started a new blog, if internexa was already so fantastic?”

Well, here´s the story: although internexa really was quite fantastic, and I had learned a lot using blogspot, I recently started adding more and more photographs to my posts, which made things rather cumbersome. My friend Alexandra, who posts tons of cool photos and videos to her blog every week, a long time ago had recommended me to give wordpress a try. She´d said it was much easier to use, but I was so happy with blogspot that I could not imagine anything easier or better. That is, until this morning.

I will not complain about blogspot because I still feel indebted to it. I had even planned another post heavy on photographs for today (with the suggestive title of “11% Humidity”). However, just the thought of painstakingly uploading each picture one by one exhausted me. So I decided to have a quick look at wordpress. It was love at first click.

So that´s that. I´ll see you there then.

Esterically yours,



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