11% Humidity

I don´t get it…
So you´re saying that
there´s spring in Brazil?

I am.
Equinox, days getting longer,
dry trees getting covered
with colorful little flowers….

Isn´t that spring?

But wait a minute:
You don´t have a proper winter.
It doesn´t get even 10 degrees
colder than the usual.

Well, here´s the deal.
What characterizes winter here
isn´t temperature.
It´s humidity
(Or rather: lack thereof)

Take a closer look at the scenery above:

Got it?

This is Brasília
Friday, 21st September 2007:

Instead of snow, we have dry smog.
(It is dry smog. 
It is not just a dirty lens.)

Humidity level: 11%
(Average in the Sahara desert: 13%)
Over 110 days without rain already.
Next rain expected mid-October.
See any clouds?

It’s a hellish winter:
30 degrees Celsius in the shade…

Even so,
the best thing is to run to the shade
whenever one can find one!


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