While my guitar gently weeps (Part 1)

I’ve been meaning to write this story for over a month now. But the story is long, and time is short (and even when there’s a bit of time, there isn’t enough energy…).

To make it less tiresome for me and for you, dear reader, I have decided to divide this story into three episodes (since threequels are fashionable this year).

Fasten your seatbelts, and have a good flight!


2007: The year of the many moves 

My return to Brazil was carefully planned. I made the decision last November. When I went home for Christmas, I used my flight allowance to take some of my stuff: since no matter how good you are at squeezing things, to move to another country without paying excess luggage is indeed a rare feat (unless you are me: my other three transnational moves incurred no excess. At least not as far as luggage was concerned. But this is another story.).

Last January I moved to a new apartment somewhere else in Toronto, and took the opportunity to get rid of a lot of stuff. My return to Brazil had originally been scheduled for May. There came, however, a very welcome change of plans, and I moved the move over to mid-August. My winter sublet, however, was only for the duration of winter, which not even in Canada holds on until August. April ended, another move started, another chance to filter through my stuff.

Turned out that mid-August only came around on the 29th. Once again, my actual stay spilled over my accommodation arrangements. In comes move #3: from a room to the next, this time a week before Mighty Move #4. It was the dress rehearsal.

As an international student, books weigh heavily on me. Most of my boxes were filled with books, and since books are awfully dense, I looked into the possibility of sending them separately. I checked everything, from Canada Post to cargo, to FedEx. Every single box had its weight written on its lid, in kilograms and in pounds. After much reckoning and hardcore combinatory analysis, my conclusion was that the easiest and cheapest option, by far, was to bring everything with me on the plane, even if I had to pay excess luggage.

But there are excesses and excesses. As Mighty Move #4 isn’t final (Fabulous Final is to occur summer 2008), I decided that it wasn’t necessary — or even possible — to bring everything with me this time. So I left a good part of my stuff under the generous care of a friend of mine from school. With me to Brazil I only took what was absolutely indispensable to carry out the work I need to do this term: three suitcases to check in (Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear) and, as hand-luggage, a backpack and Archimedes, my acoustic guitar. 

This story has bear-ly started! Do not miss the next episode of this esterical adventure!


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