Imagine that I seriously considered staying in Sao Paulo for another couple of nights until tomorrow. I did. Seriously and exhaustively, because my imagination knows no boundaries. And I almost did decide to stay. Were it not for the fact that:

1. Imagine that the holiday next week (November 15, Proclamation of the Republic of Brazil) makes it three times cheaper to return when I did than to leave it for next week. This was before one of the airlines declared bankrupcy on Tuesday and cancelled all their flights, which probably will make the situation even more chaotic. Even so, I still might have made an effort, imagine that, so that I could stay a bit longer. Were it not for the fact that:

2. Ah, you can´t imagine how much work I have on my plate. According to my calculations, in order to do everything I´d like to get done by Christmas, November will have to last about five months, can you imagine? But I think I would have bit the bullet, choosing to work extra hard next week and the next, so that I could stay in São Paulo until tomorrow. Were it not for the fact that:

3. I wouldn´t have liked to miss yet another class. For besides going to the gym, I am currently enrolled in two classes: Krav Maga and Tai Chi Chuan (one for explosion, the other one for collecting energy). And imagine that in this hardly one month since I´ve started taking these classes, I have missed so many of them already… That´s not good. But I might have consented to missing just one more class, so that I could stay in SP until Friday. Were it not for the fact that:

4. I wouldn´t have any place to stay there. I mean, in theory I could stay for another three nights in the hotel where I was staying, which was very nice and extremely inexpensive for the comfort it provided. Were it not for the fact that:

5. I´m short on money. This visa business is costing me serious dough, especially with this unnecessary trip to SP.  I don´t even want to imagine what the credit card bill is going to be like this month. But amidst so many extravagances, one wouldn´t think much of adding just another one, were it not for the fact that:

6. If I had at least taken more clothes with me. But I had packed for only a couple of days. I even considered finding a landromat (since item number 5 restricts the possibility of purchasing new clothes, and besides, my backpack was already too full). Were it not for the fact that:

7. I had forgotten what rain felt like, and didn´t take a single closed shoe or sock, or long-sleeved shirt… And it rained non-stop for two days, imagine that.  So I would be in need not only of a landromat, but also of new shoes, jacket, just imagine… And all this would go against items 5 and 6.

But can you imagine that I thought very seriously of making all these efforts so that I could stay in São Paulo until November ninth double-o-seven?

I imagine that you´re betting the reason I wanted so badly to stay a bit longer was to spend more time at the Paulo Freire institute, right? Either that, or to be done with the whole visa story. But not so: both these goals could be achieved at another opportunity, and though I am an extremely impulsive person, I can sometimes manage to exercise the virtue of patience. 

But it wasn´t that. What I really wanted to be doing right now was to be at São Paulo´s Theatro Municipal. I have never been there, and, honestly, there is nothing that has been there for decades now that could not wait for another while.

Except for one thing that is there only tonight. Something I would never have imagined to see in Brazil, and so accessible to the public.

Well, imagine that, as I write, Ms. Yoko Ono is performing in São Paulo´s Theatro Municipal. I didn´t even know that she held public performances, or that she went on world tours. She seems to be more handsome now than 40 years ago, when she first got to be known worldwide, if you can imagine that. And the ticket cost merely R$ 60,00 (around $30).

Can you imagine me missing something like this? 

But so I did. Given motives 1-7 presented above, all I could do was to return to Brasília, and seek consolation in the good old”Imagine”:

“In the middle of a dream,
In the middle of a dream
I call your name:
Oh, Yoko…”


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