While my guitar gently weeps (Final episode)

WmGgW Complete Season:

Part 1: Preparations

Part 2: Pearson International Airport

Part 3: Interlude

Part 4: Poker Face

Part 5: Duty Free

Part 6: Boarding

Part 7: Flying High

Part 8: Hitting home 

Telepathy didn’t work this time, and all I could do was wait until we landed in Sao Paulo. After another couple of hours flying, then landing, immigration and baggage claim, there I once again, in the check-in line up, getting ready for a new confrontation.


“Can I have a piece of ID, please? Where are you going today?

I decided to launch a full-fledged attack.

“Let me tell you what my situation is. I am moving from Canada to Brasília. Because it’s an international move, I know that it’s going to go over the 23kg limit” (for domestic flights, the limit is 23kg – approximately 50lb – for all pieces of luggage combined) “but could you perhaps give me a discount?”

“Yes, of course! Let me weigh your bags to see what I can do. How many do you have?”


“And do you have any carry-on?”

“There it comes again…” “Yes, I do. Two.”

“I’m sorry, ma’am, but you are allowed only one piece.”

“Ready. Set. Fire!” “You mean that I cannot board with a guitar and a backpack?!?” I said firmly, straightening my back so it was not so obvious that the backpack weighed way over the 10-pound allowance.  

“Ah, I’m sorry, ma´am, never mind. Guitars do not actually count towards your allowance. You can take it aboard with you in addition to your backpack. No problem whatsoever…”

And this was how I learned that, be it in Canada or in Brazil, guitars are not considered carry-on luggage. All that was left for me and my guitar to do was to gently weep for joy as we made our way home safe, sound and together.  



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