Out of shape

“I want to tell you,
My head is filled with things to say,
But when you´re near,
All those words they seem to slip away…”
                                            – George Harrison

I do not remember
Who it was who said
— whether a famous philosopher
or my baby brother —
That blogging is like exercising:
The longer we procrastinate
The harder it is to go back into it.

But when we do manage to go back,
(and I´m using a royal “we” here)
We feel so much happier
That we ask ourselves
How we could have been so stupid
To have let it slide for so long

And we promise ourselves
That starting today
Things will be different:
Regular exercise,
Rain or shine!
That´s it!

Truth is,
I´ve got so much to say
About all these weeks and weeks
That I have no idea
How on earth to begin…

Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow


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