Month IV

In “About a Boy,” Hugh Grant´s character has so much time in his hands that he decides to divide it in units of 30 minutes. Shower, 1 unit. Hair cut, 2 units. Playing pool, 5 units.

I suspect that my unit of time is 4 months. Not to repeat what I said about this last year, let us have a look at 2008.

We now begin the fourth month of the current year. I spent the first of these four months in Brasília. The second I spent in Canada, and now it´s been a month already since I returned to Brasília. At the end of this month, I go to Canada again, this time to spend a bit longer there. Did you guess how long? Four months.

My year of 2008 will therefore be neatly divided into three units of four months: the first unit going to and fro, the second to, and the third, fro.  Curious, isn´t it? Or is it that I too have too much time on my hands?


4 responses to “Month IV

  1. I am impatiently looking forward to meet you in the second part of that neat division.
    And to throw in a bit of randomness here – I discovered that green tea latte is even better than the vanilla bean one! Do you realize what this means, Her Estericalness? 😉

  2. Can anything be better than vanilla bean latte? Ester incredulous! I guess this means we´ll definitely have to go and empirically compare the two. Several times, just to be sure!

    See you in a few weeks!


  3. I am very glad you think so. Now what I am left with is waiting for the results of the empirical comparison we are going to draw soon!

    See you!

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