“Ester saw the Hulk at U of T”

“That’s such an ambiguous sentence! I mean, it probably just meant that Ester was at U of T when she saw the movie ‘The Hulk.’ But from the way it’s written it could mean that she actually saw a green moster walking around U of T, which is quite unlikely — one could even say ‘incredible.’ Unless of course the movie was being shot in Toronto, and she saw when that happened ”

“Well, maybe this sentence isn’t ambiguous — maybe it is actually polysemic.”

“What do you mean?”

“For it to be ambiguous, then it would have been intended to have one or the other meaning you mentioned (or someother meaning) , but not all of them. But maybe all those meanings were intended — which makes it much cooler to call it with a word such as “polysemic” rather than just plain “ambiguous.”

“You mean to say that not only was Ester at U of T when she saw the movie ‘The Hulk,’ but that she actually saw the Hulk walking around U of T?”

“Well, she could have been at the Varsity Theatre — which is across the street from U of T, which is U of T enough. And the movie *was* shot in Toronto last summer, so she could have been here for that. And even if she was not, she could probably tell that some of the scenes that are supposed to be in Virginia and New York are actually across the street from where she lives.”

“I still find that incredible.”

“Well, incredible maybe, but not altogether impossible… One never knows…”


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