Summer Weekend Epic

Enthused by the prospect of the great outdoors
And encouraged by an encouraging forecast
A magic bus and a man-powered vehicle
Set out headed west
A four-wheeled chariot joined their fleet

But Zeus, god of thunder, put his own twist
On the forecast they received from the oracle
And as they approached the edge of the cliff
He sent down heavy bolts of lightening
Summer showers were the only showers they had.

Settlers tried in vain to settle in Catan
Taboo ruled in those times of darkness
Energy, once abundant,
By this time needed renewal

With toil and by chance, fire was finally discovered
Making way for an abundant feast
Of lasagna and cake

Then darkness came over the earth once again
And those to whom fate had assigned
An early departure in the four-wheeled chariot
Departed into the darkness

Those who stayed sang and drank
Around the fire, to their hearts’ content
And when misty sleep was poured over their eyes
They retired to their rows
Of bunk beds and mattresses

But some of them kept watch all night
(out of necessity, not debauchery)
And when rosy-fingered dawn appeared
In the horizon, they put on their equipment,
And ventured into the woods

Alas, rosy-fingered dawn proved to be not so rosy
Rain and cloud chased our watch back
From escarpment to encampment

And then slowly and gradually,
Helped by false alarms
The fleet got on their feet
And there was French toast with heavenly syrup
And there was coffee

By then the time to embark
The magic bus was nigh
And with the grace and dilligence of busy bees
They broke camp

And then, only then
As they sat in wait for the magic bus
Congratulating each other
On the fantastic time they’d had
The sun came out. Fun had been had.
Their mission had been accomplished.
They were going home.


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