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This could have been me…

From the Globe and Mail, Nov 9, 2008

From the Globe and Mail, Nov 9, 2008


Scalded cat…

So intuition was just pessimism? That’s an excellent thing, no? It is always such a good thing to be pleasantly surprised. Thanks to all of you who proved me wrong and helped to make history!

But maybe it wasn’t pessimism: it was just hubris-prevention. Celebrating victory is great, but when we do it ahead of time, it may be wise to be cautious. Pride comes before a fall (or, as we say in Brazil, the taller the coconut tree, the greater the fall). Scalded cat is afraid of counting the eggs inside the chicken: better wait until they’re in said cat’s tummy.  Humility, caution and chicken soup never hurt anyone (another great Brazilian saying). Experience is the mother of wisdom. And of traumas.

Modesty aside, I have a great memory for collecting and reciting popular wisdom. I just wish that said wisdom would make its permanent abode in my head.


Scalded Cat herself
“Do what I say, not what I do…”

Neither too old nor too young to play

Fact 1: Last August, I discovered a new game which is now my latest obsession: Rockband, a videogame in which the “controller” is a like a musical instrument, which you use to play the notes you see on the screen. 

Child’s play? Maybe. But it’s really cool. I really wish there’d been something like this when I was growing up: I would have learned how to play the guitar in no time. Wouldn’t be the perpetual noob that I am.

Fact 2: I spent thousands of hours as a teenager teaching myself how to play the guitar. By “play the guitar” I mean “learning Beatles’ songs.” The two are synonymous in my head. (For more information on the severe case of Beatlemania which affected me about thirty years after it had hit the rest of the world, click here )

Fact 3 = Fact 1 + Fact 2!!!! 
In other words:


That is the coolest thing ever!!! When I grow up, I’ll buy one of those for meself! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

Remember Al Gore…

I’m rarely ever pessimistic, but I do pay a lot of attention to my intuition. And for some reason, for the past few weeks I have been unable to stop thinking of Al Gore in 2000 (or why go that far back: just think Harper last month!). Maybe I’m conditioned/traumatized by years of seeing my candidate losing an election that seemed won (my favorite exceptions being Lula 2002-2006).

My point is: my heart feels really heavy right now. It’s just one of those extremely rare occasions where I really want and sincerely hope to be proven wrong… (if you can, please prove me wrong: go vote!)  

Oh, the suspense, the suspense… Maybe I should go worry about my dissertation instead, maybe that will distract me, maybe that will even calm me. 

And who could ever have imagined that the concept “dissertation writing” could one day elicit the word “solace” to anyone’s mind (let alone my own…)?

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