Remember Al Gore…

I’m rarely ever pessimistic, but I do pay a lot of attention to my intuition. And for some reason, for the past few weeks I have been unable to stop thinking of Al Gore in 2000 (or why go that far back: just think Harper last month!). Maybe I’m conditioned/traumatized by years of seeing my candidate losing an election that seemed won (my favorite exceptions being Lula 2002-2006).

My point is: my heart feels really heavy right now. It’s just one of those extremely rare occasions where I really want and sincerely hope to be proven wrong… (if you can, please prove me wrong: go vote!)  

Oh, the suspense, the suspense… Maybe I should go worry about my dissertation instead, maybe that will distract me, maybe that will even calm me. 

And who could ever have imagined that the concept “dissertation writing” could one day elicit the word “solace” to anyone’s mind (let alone my own…)?

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