From St. Joseph I learned
To love my work
And to work for love

Excruciatingly passionate work
Love that is a lot of work, hard work
A passion that I resist hopelessly
And to which I hopelessly surrender

This work of mine is a work of love
Love of God
Love of my country and my people
Love of my family and my friends
Love of my neighbour, near and far
Known and unknown
Lovable and unbearable
Love of my love

My God, my Strength, my Love,
I, little that I am, offer you and beg you
Accept this my work of love
Bless this my work of love
Multiply this my work of love
Put Your love in this my work of love

Do with it what you will 
As long as it’s pleasing to You
Add to it what I cannot add
Remove from it what I cannot remove

Even if it means taking it away from me
Even if it means removing me from myself
Hit delete, remove this selfish self from myself
Take away my egocentric ego
From my work, from my love
From me.

This work and this worker are Yours
They were created by You and for You
You put me into this
I trust You’ll get me out of it

This love and this lover are Yours
Created by You and for You
For the giving and for the taking
If You don’t want it, I don’t want it either

St. Joseph, patron saint of workers, of families
Of Canada, of the church
Of my own parish and my own family
Of my vocation and entire life
Twenty-nine years ago today
I was baptized in the parish
That bears your name

If that, perchance, grants me a wish
Here’s my wish, here’s my prayer:
Tell your wife,
To have a word with her Son
And tell Him
That I could use some extra help today

Thank you very much! Send word when you can!
Gratefully as always,
And then some more,


2 responses to “Ofertory

  1. Sr. M. Benedicta


    Dear Ester,

    Beautifully expressed! Of course, you are always in our prayers, but we will add your intentions for this cause. God loves you!

  2. Thank you, sr. Benedicta, that’s always good to know. And do keep your prayers coming this way: I’m in need of a very heavy duty arsenal!



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