Back in the game (2)

She looked for it at a number of places, near and far. She looked at the mall and she looked at the market. She looked across the street and she looked across town. She wanted something simple and narrow, with drawers if possible, but not too many. But all she saw was considerably more expensive than what she had in mind. Especially if she couldn´t convince herself that she would actually use it.

After thinking about it for a few weeks, she thought that maybe one of the little cabinets she had in her living room was the perfect size for a “test drive.” It was small and it was narrow, pretty, but completely unpretentious. It also had already served with distinction in a variety of functions.  It was just the kind of support she needed.

Immediately prior to this current appointment, it served as a catchall counter: its function was to have ready for her whatever she needed to take when she went out, and it was always the first to greet her as she came back in. Though it´d only been out of that function for 24h hours, it was sorely missed there already. But to judge from its debut as a writing desk, excellence continued to accompanied it wherever it went. The experiment so far had been a tremendous success.


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