Back in the game (3)

The idea now was continuity: to keep it simple, but to keep at it. Writing ideas visited her in torrents every day, just waiting for this kind of venue to materialize themselves, if she only gave them a chance. And if perchance they were shy, there were a number of games she could play to keep the hand moving across the page every day. How her day was. How it was looking so far. She could write biographies, her own or other people´s, real or imaginary. Heck, she could write her future biography, if she ran out of past events to talk about. The point was to keep the hand moving across the page.

As it was, this first assignment was to write 3 pages, but 5 came into existence almost of its own accord in a few minutes. And they even provoked the ressurrection of her blog, which had been active for three years. She made a note to herself to register this moment and remember how easy it was, for that days that she avoiding writing like the plague.

The idea was to move on to other things she needs to do daily and yet spends weeks without. The idea was to tackle them in the morning, before everything else, and to spend the rest of the day feeling like a heroine.

The next such task on her list was biking.


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