Bike Therapy

In the three weeks since I´ve decided to go biking in the morning, there were only four days that I could not, or rather, would not go because of “urgent business.” In each case, as the day went by, I found that that those urgent things not only could have waited an hour, but would have been very grateful for it.

I was surprised and then amused to find out that as the day went by, not only it was harder to find time to go biking, but that I resented the “urgent business” in question and took it out on the people involved in it. Here was I, crabby and cranky, and it was their fault too. But they hadn´t asked me to made such a sacrifice. It had been my decision, therefore it was my problem, not theirs.

This was how I empirically discovered this extra benefit of biking: besides all the known benefits to the body and to the mind, it is beneficial to my social relations. It makes me kinder, more patient, more joyful. Yes, there might be unreasonable people, unreasonable demands and unfortunate circumstances. Yes, the world might be falling apart, but I had my bike ride in the morning, and until tomorrow morning comes, that will do. All is taken care of. Life is good.


One response to “Bike Therapy

  1. mohapi maleshoane

    it’s good hear that is good to take cake of our life .it could be harder to many people to take care of their life but we should put it into practice.

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