About Ester

Ester Macedo is from Brasilia, Brazil, where she is enrolled in the postdoctoral program in Ancient Philosophy with the UNESCO Chair Archai: Origins of Western Thought. She is also a consultant of the Organizacion de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura to the Ministry of Education of Brazil.

Ester obtained her PhD in Philosophy of Education from the University of Toronto (2011). She has a Master´s degree in Ancient Philosophy from the University of Toronto (2005) and one in Classics from the University of Pittsburgh (2002). She graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Classics from McGill University, in Montreal (2001).

Her interests include teaching and learning, languages modern and ancient, philosophy, art and spirituality, reading and writing, ballroom dancing (especially Argentinian tango, swing and forró),  singing, fiddling with musical instruments, playing board games and computer games.

She also blogs in Portuguese: blogdaester.wordpress.com


3 responses to “About Ester

  1. What a blog! You could be famous… Well, I guess you are!

  2. Awesome blog milady!

  3. mohapi maleshoane

    wow Mrs Esther what a good to hear your background also what you like at list now we know about you and I’m happy to have you as our mother.

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